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The Miss Opportunity is said to have served as a navy hospital ship before it was scuttled just offshore St Thomas' airport.

Name Dive Site:Miss Opportunity
Depth: 18-27m (59-88ft)
Inserted/Added by: blueislanddivers

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The Miss Opportunity is a ship that was intentionally sunk. It lies on its starboard side in about 90feet deep. The hull of the ship rises to about 40' below the surface, and is situated close to the airport extension on the south-west of St Thomas. She is a big ship, over 300ft long and intact. The story has it that at one time it was a Navy hospital ship and then was used as a job placement center in downtown Charlotte Amalie prior to being sunk in 1985.

She lies listing on her starboard side, which makes penetration through the decks mysterious. There are many open swimthrus especially at the stern, which is broken and open, revealing the many decks of the ship. A huge resident goliath grouper has been seen patrolling the aft section of the ship and then immediately retreating to the inner sanctum of the ship upon the approach of divers. The wreck provides plenty of easy and safe accesses to explore the interior of the vessel. This site provides for a good multi-level dive in that you can start at the 'top' decks of the ship, which are now the deepest, and work your way to the lower levels which are shallower.

Barracuda, Southern Stingrays and schools of Horse-Eye Jacks frequent the area along with the occasional sea turtle and nurse shark. Many corals and sponges are now taking up residence on the hull of the Miss Opportunity which makes for a very enjoyable dive. Due to its relatively sheltered location, there is not tidal current, allowing you to dive here at any time. The visibility here can occasionally be lowered because of sediment, but when the visibility is good, it is a sheltered site, ideal for photographers, as our pictures show.


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