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In the opening of the rivers mouth you will find the beautiful dive site Salt River Canyon.

Name Dive Site:Salt River Canyon, East & West Walls
Depth: 12
Inserted/Added by: divexp

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The east wall mooring of Salt River Canyon is located in 40 feet of water with the back of the boat usually hanging in depths exceeding 1.000 feet. There are tons of sponges, soft and hard corals, two types of black coral, the green and pink ones. There are lots of pelagic and tropical fish, Grouper, snapper, eels, conch, lobster and crab. This is a very historical site. Columbus came here on his second trip to American with 17 ships. It was the first time that there was bloodshed between Native Americans and Europeans. Columbus took some of the capture Indians back with him. This site is also one of the oldest geological areas in the Caribbean. A Hydro lab was situated here for several years where scientist would live underwater for a week or so doing research on corals and fish life.

The west wall of Salt River Canyon starts at 20 feet of water. You can find a sheer drop off wall with lots of canyons and groves to go through. There are pelagic as well as eel, snapper, jacks, groupers and some really big stingrays in the area. Great for novice divers as well as advanced.

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