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Scotch Bank:
While scuba diving at Scotch Banks you will find scattered piles of coral and sponges surrounded by tropical fish.


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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in USVI.

MV WIT Shoal II, LST 467

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

She sank, in Krum Bay, South St Thomas, on 6th November 1984 during Tropical Storm Klaus, which was upgraded to a Hurricane only a few hours after. The WIT Shoal II was then patched in order to be re-floated. Many versions of what was going to happen to her abound. She was going to be sunk in very deep water south of the Virgin Islands or she was going to Puerto Rico to be scrapped. Either way, her hull was roughly patched to survive the trip and she was towed out of Charlotte Amalie during May ...

Salt River Canyon

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The east wall mooring of Salt River Canyon is located in 40 feet of water with the back of the boat usually hanging in depths exceeding 1.000 feet. There are tons of sponges, soft and hard corals, two types of black coral, the green and pink ones. There are lots of pelagic and tropical fish, Grouper, snapper, eels, conch, lobster and crab. This is a very historical site. Columbus came here on his second trip to American with 17 ships. It was the first time that there was bloodshed between Native...

MV WIT Concrete II

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The M/V WIT Concrete II was built in 1943 by the National Ship Company in Oakland, California. She is a 350ft long bulk carrier that was used for towing in the pacific, primarily for gasoline. The vessel was initially sunk during hurricane Marilyn in 1995, and was again raised by the Army Corps of Engineers and sunk two miles south of Porpoise Rocks, South St Thomas. There is a rarely seen, but resident goliath grouper on this wreck. The wreck today lies intact and upright, with easy access and...

Aaron's Barge

Rated 2.3, 3 votes

Aaron's Landing Craft was known to some local dive operators who guarded her position, but was re-found by Blue Island Divers on 2nd July 2001 using research combined with the UK Admiralty and the UK Hydrographic Office. Aaron's Landing Craft is an excellent foul-weather-dive due to its location just out of the West Gregory Channel. Here we will always find lea from wind and waves. Our first dive on this wreck found it to be an intact and upright landing craft. The raised fly-bridge and twin ope...

SS Grainton

Rated 2.3, 3 votes

This is one of our deepest wreck sites and at times the most rewarding to dive. It is an advanced dive due to the depth and distance from shore, but wonders await the diver who has the training and the inclination to visit this grand old girl of the sea. We have been provided the history of the SS Grainton from the grand-daughter of Mr Chapman. The SS Grainton was built by Chapman and Willan who actually had four ships named S.S. Grainton and it was the first S.S. Grainton that sank off St. Tho...

Miss Opportunity

Rated 2.0, 1 votes

The Miss Opportunity is a ship that was intentionally sunk. It lies on its starboard side in about 90feet deep. The hull of the ship rises to about 40' below the surface, and is situated close to the airport extension on the south-west of St Thomas. She is a big ship, over 300ft long and intact. The story has it that at one time it was a Navy hospital ship and then was used as a job placement center in downtown Charlotte Amalie prior to being sunk in 1985. She lies listing on her starboard side...

Cartanza Senora

Rated 1.6, 5 votes

The Cartanza Senora, sometimes called Cartanser Senior, is the most visited dive site in Saint Thomas. The wreck is located in the well-protected Shipwreck Cove on Buck Island, about four miles south of St. Thomas. The Cartanza was a 190 foot long freighter that was originally used to transport goods during World War II. After the war, she served as an agricultural freighter transporting products from South America up the Caribbean Island chain. In the 1970s, however, it seems that she added som...

Saint Thomas

Rated 1.0, 2 votes

Saint Thomas is a lush tropical paradise with white in palm trees fringed beaches, beautiful green-blue-ish waters and fantastic scuba diving. The capital of the US Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie, is located on the south side of St Thomas, protected by the offshore islands Water Island and Hassel Island (Part of the Virgin Island Marine Park). You can find guesthouses (backpackers) as well as private villas and luxurious resorts. Charlotte Amalie is the place to be for entertainment, bars, ele...

Saba Island

Rated 1.0, 2 votes

Saba Island is a small uninhabited rocky outcropping located three miles southwest of the airport of St Thomas. It is a steep 200 feet high island with a small northern sandy beach, a western and eastern salt pond (popular for birds with a simple bird observation post) and rocky cliffs in the south. Turtledove Cay is connected by a shallow sandbar is, while Dry Rocks can be reached southwest of Montelvan Point, known for its superb snorkeling, excellent diving and hazard for ships. Nearby shipwr...